Why you should switch to a standing desk

When one hears about standing desk at work, many take the concept as unrealistic and unconventional. But truly it is in vogue now. Now that you have known that it does exist then let’s know about the real reasons which are not only scientific but also health and well being related. But before switching to the real topic let’s drive through the negatives of sitting desks from deskview.co

1) Long hours of continuous sitting increases health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, weak muscles and low movement of limbs.

2) Muscle activity drops due to sitting for longer durations.

3) Calorie burning rate decreases rapidly, blood flow also falls in the arteries.

4) Higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

5) Lower brain activity due to less pumping of blood in the brain due to slowdown.

6) Back problems with strained neck and shoulders.

7) Weaker limbs especially legs.

As per medical research if a personsits for two weeks for continuous six hours day, bad cholesterol increases that is LDL and increase in fatty molecules occurs rapidly. And as a resultant due to prolonged inactivity the muscles breakage occurs. And outcome of which is
that heart activity is hampered. If sitting increases for months to years then even the weekly workout of hours will not be of any help for your body. Some studies have shown that bone mass decreases by 1% every year. Studies have shown that quality of life year’s decrease if sitting is prolonged to many years which actually lead our bodies to serious ailments and eventually death. Now that we have known good amount of bad facts about sitting then let’s look at the benefits of standing desks at work.

How does standing instead of sitting help?

Standing when compared to sitting suggests many health benefits such as lower risk of heart diseases which primarily occurs due to low movement, obesity and degeneration of cells due to long sitting hours. Standing desk not only gives freedom of movement but also freedom from diseases which come handy due to sitting.

Following are the benefits of standing desk:-

1. Goodbye obesity- Who isn’t in this world desiring for attractive and healthy looking body. Standing increases mobility and movement. And which will ultimately save your muscles from numbness and restrictive blood flow. There will be lower fat deposit on your body which for sure occurs due to prolonged sitting hours. Many companies have reinvested in the reformation of interiors of the offices for their employees with both the options of standing desk as well as sticking to age old sitting desk.

2. Cheerio blood sugar- no activity means high blood sugar levels. So if you want to live longer and save yourself from all that bad cholesterol and type 2 diabetes then ask your employer to get your cabin’s or cubicles changed and renewed. Standing desks will save you from all these health hazards.

3. No lethargy – standing desks helps in giving your whole body a waked up feeling all the time. Those bad afternoons which lowers productivity of work can be put at bay by these standing desks.

4. A win-win solution- switching to standing desks is a great hit for your health and well- being and will make all the cells in your body quite happy than usual. Being saved from diseases won’t only save you from deadly hazards but also help you combat ill- effects of long working hours. When studies were done it was found that the number of health risks that occur due to sitting desks are more in number than the standing desks.

To sum-up we would say that studies and researches are still going on to know about more health benefits of standing desks. But due to our humanly behaviour which is conventional in most cases may stop us from switching to standing desks.