What to do before changing addresses.

For many people there is this undeniable excitement that often comes with moving. The thought of a new place, new people and new experiences can make you pretty much excited that you even forget of the basics like changing your address. This can be catastrophic as it means you will not be able to receive your letters, packages and bills once you move. These are very important items hence you need to update your addresses to ensure that they are sent to the right address. Here are important things you need to do before changing addresses with https://www.us-mailing-change-of-address.com.

1. Update your mailing address.
This can be done by simply changing your address with the United States Postal Service, USPS. This is vital as it will ensure your future mails are forwarded to the right address. Failure to update can bring a number of issues like you not receiving your mails due to them being sent to your previous address which might not be accessible to you. You can change your address with the USPS in 3 ways.
a) Over the phone by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS. If you opt for this then you will be subject to pay $1 as verification fee.
b) You can also opt to update it online. This can be done by visiting their website where you will edit your address and pay a verification charge of $1.
c) You can also choose to edit your address by visiting your local post office and inquiring for form 3575. Choosing this method will result in the USPS waiving the $1 charged as verification charge.

2. Inform your family and friends.
It will be very unfortunate if your friends or family will try reaching you through you previous address. Hence, it is very vital for you to fill them in on the changes of your address so that they will be able to reach you. You can notify them using a number of options such as email or through calls.

3. Edit your billing address.
Imagine being billed for utilities you are not using or not getting your utilities due to failure of paying bills which you have not received, it is bad right? Paying your bills on time is vital hence when moving you ought to notify your billing companies so that they can make necessary changes to ensure you continue receiving your bills. It is vital to change your addresses for utilities such as telephone, electric and gas. A number of companies today make this process easy by availing online sites or portals where you can change your address.

4. Change your address with the bank and your insurer.
Insurance covers have a principle of utmost good faith hence when you move you ought to inform your insurer lest your cover will be considered void or voidable.
Banks often send bank statements to its clients. For this reason you need to update your address so that they can be sent to the right address. For online shoppers, the bank will need to authenticate the address to bill your debit card.

5. Magazines subscriptions.
Would you want to miss out on any issue of your favourite magazine? The answer is obviously no. When you want to move, it is important to change your address for these subscriptions so that they can be sent to the correct address where you will receive them and ultimately be charged for what you got.

It is very important to change your address while moving to ensure continuity. Changing your address will ensure you continue to receive your mails, bills and copies of your favourite magazines.