“Nothing is more expensive than a cheap Lawyer”, you will hear many attorneys saying at the corridors of justice. Also, it said, “using cheap attorneys can be dangerous”. These two statements should form the basis of an individual planning to engage services of a lawyer. The rates of lawyers will vary greatly depending on various factors such as complexity of the case only to mention one. Quality verse a botched case due to the inexperienced attorney should guide a litigant in his/her case set up. Not all expensive lawyers are experienced, and therefore pricing of case fee should not be a determining factor in a selection of a lawyer. If an individual hires a cheap lawyer, therefore means he/she has used price as the main factor in choose the case lawyer. Other very pertinent and concrete factors will have been omitted and therefore chances of getting a botched case are high. In law, it is said that you get what you pay for and so, what do you get for your money? You pay less, you get less? You pay less you get more? Take Conoscienti & Ledbetter as an example of a premium successful law firm.

The danger of getting the low priced lawyer is the future cost that will bombard you as you will be told that the additional cost was not factored in the principal amount. This means that such kinds of lawyers do not inquire sufficient information beforehand simply because they may be inexperienced or negligent. There is also the possibility that the hired lawyer will not be offering all the services related to the case such as preparation of the paperwork, exemption of assets and that they will give to other service providers at your cost. There is a great danger in sourcing other service providers who are not connected to the lawyer because it might compromise the confidentiality of the case and ease of intrusion of foreign items.

How can a lawyer charge so low for the legal services? This is possible in two instances; in order to do a huge volume of work and lastly to sacrifice his quality of representation. If an expensive and experienced lawyer will charge a client fee for getting a good witness for a case, yet the low costing lawyer will tell you that “we will get a witness that is not so expensive” then that is where the differences in case handling begin.

There is another reason to be wary about cheap lawyers. As each lawyer grows in a particular law firm, the experience is gained, and a network of connections is created both inside and outside the courthouse. This network of friends in the bench as both other lawyers and judges is beneficial in a court case. This is what the experienced lawyer needs you to pay.

In conclusion, what makes the rating of a lawyer to be high is because of every detail that is to be included in your case. A good lawyer will discuss with you the effects of downsizing the case cost because other minute details will be omitted but their effects might be felt in the courtroom, in whereby a seasoned lawyer will not want to make. In short, spend more to get better services and work to your freedom.