Choosing The Right AC For You.

Everyone enjoys a good air-conditioned room. Walking into a chilled room on a hot day or being able to turn up the heat in a room is so satisfying and comfortable. All this is achievable thanks to air conditioners which make a home more comfortable and create an ambient environment which we can relax and enjoy. However, there are factors to be considered in order to have that air conditioner which will not disappoint you or consume much energy. So, how do you pick the right air conditioner?

The following are the important factors you should consider while picking an air conditioner:

Cost: The price of the air conditioner you will buy is a crucial factor to consider. Cost of the product will be considered by factoring in the features of the air conditioner as well as its rating in the market. In most cases, the Inverter air conditioner is much more expensive compared to the split air conditioners. Especially when you have to hire reliable repairmen fromĀ air conditioning repair cypress.

Installation: A good performing air conditioner depends on the way it is installed. A bad installation will cause the air conditioner to under-perform or condition the room to extreme conditions either too cold or too warm. It is best advised that the installation of the air conditioner be from an authorized service center. For the window air conditioner, it should be attached to the window and if you are installing a split air conditioner, ensure that the outdoor unit and indoor unit are well calibrated for a good air flow.

The speed of Cooling: When picking out the air conditioner, it is best you look for these features; the temperature setting (thermostat) of the air conditioner should be adjustable. Efficient energy setting to maintain performance at its peek but yet save on energy consumed and lastly, ensure that there are at least two fan speeds since cooling can be changed depending on on the day’s weather. Also, with the current technology, it would be advisable you pick an Ac with intelligent cooling that can even be connected to more cooling units in the house.

Quality of Air: The quality of room temperature as well as the air inside a room is another important factor to consider while picking out your air conditioner. Choose the air conditioner fitted with the best quality filter. A high-quality filter will clean the air in the room, enhance the performance of the air conditioner, and also improve its energy efficiency since it will not choke from evaporator coil for there will be no dust.

Capacity: This should be considered by factoring in the room size in which the air conditioner will be installed. The capacity of an air conditioner is measured in British Thermal Units which(Btu), which state that AC’s need 20Btu for every square inch of a living space which is 1 ton for 120 -140 square foot of space. There are other factors to consider apart from Btu, consider the location where it will be installed in the room, size of doorways and the windows in the room and lastly how high the ceiling of the room is.

Type of Air Conditioner: This is another important factor which you should consider when choosing your air conditioner. You decide on either the window air conditioner, a central air conditioner or the split air conditioner. For windows AC, they are cheap and easy to install, the central AC takes skill to install and is much more expensive since it distributes conditioned air throughout the whole house. The Split AC is quiet compared to windows AC, provide better air conditioning and are energy efficient. Before buying an Ac, it is best you first choose which one you want and know its features.

Lastly, it is important always to check the energy efficiency of the air conditioner you are picking. Ensure that the AC you are buying has a good star energy rating that is standardized by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The higher the star rating, the lesser energy it consumes.