Why you should switch to a standing desk

When one hears about standing desk at work, many take the concept as unrealistic and unconventional. But truly it is in vogue now. Now that you have known that it does exist then let’s know about the real reasons which are not only scientific but also health and well being related. But before switching to the real topic let’s drive through the negatives of sitting desks from deskview.co

1) Long hours of continuous sitting increases health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, weak muscles and low movement of limbs.

2) Muscle activity drops due to sitting for longer durations.

3) Calorie burning rate decreases rapidly, blood flow also falls in the arteries.

4) Higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

5) Lower brain activity due to less pumping of blood in the brain due to slowdown.

6) Back problems with strained neck and shoulders.

7) Weaker limbs especially legs.

As per medical research if a personsits for two weeks for continuous six hours day, bad cholesterol increases that is LDL and increase in fatty molecules occurs rapidly. And as a resultant due to prolonged inactivity the muscles breakage occurs. And outcome of which is
that heart activity is hampered. If sitting increases for months to years then even the weekly workout of hours will not be of any help for your body. Some studies have shown that bone mass decreases by 1% every year. Studies have shown that quality of life year’s decrease if sitting is prolonged to many years which actually lead our bodies to serious ailments and eventually death. Now that we have known good amount of bad facts about sitting then let’s look at the benefits of standing desks at work.

How does standing instead of sitting help?

Standing when compared to sitting suggests many health benefits such as lower risk of heart diseases which primarily occurs due to low movement, obesity and degeneration of cells due to long sitting hours. Standing desk not only gives freedom of movement but also freedom from diseases which come handy due to sitting.

Following are the benefits of standing desk:-

1. Goodbye obesity- Who isn’t in this world desiring for attractive and healthy looking body. Standing increases mobility and movement. And which will ultimately save your muscles from numbness and restrictive blood flow. There will be lower fat deposit on your body which for sure occurs due to prolonged sitting hours. Many companies have reinvested in the reformation of interiors of the offices for their employees with both the options of standing desk as well as sticking to age old sitting desk.

2. Cheerio blood sugar- no activity means high blood sugar levels. So if you want to live longer and save yourself from all that bad cholesterol and type 2 diabetes then ask your employer to get your cabin’s or cubicles changed and renewed. Standing desks will save you from all these health hazards.

3. No lethargy – standing desks helps in giving your whole body a waked up feeling all the time. Those bad afternoons which lowers productivity of work can be put at bay by these standing desks.

4. A win-win solution- switching to standing desks is a great hit for your health and well- being and will make all the cells in your body quite happy than usual. Being saved from diseases won’t only save you from deadly hazards but also help you combat ill- effects of long working hours. When studies were done it was found that the number of health risks that occur due to sitting desks are more in number than the standing desks.

To sum-up we would say that studies and researches are still going on to know about more health benefits of standing desks. But due to our humanly behaviour which is conventional in most cases may stop us from switching to standing desks.

Benefits of having jewelry repaired

Receiving jewelry can be a moment that will be remembered forever, as one of the most sentimental items that can be received the price for jewelry cannot be quantified in just its monetary value. The value of jewelry is priceless, but while many think of giving jewelry as a gift or as a special purchase, few consider the benefits of maintaining and repairing such a treasured item. Whilst some jewelers claim that having items repaired increases the likeliness of further damage the benefits of having jewelry repaired most definitely outweigh the risks. The benefits of repairing jewelry span from prolonging its lifespan to improving the aesthetics of a piece. Each benefit of jewelry repair should be taken into consideration when an item is purchased and taken seriously. Not only is the repair of jewelry important, the preservation is just as important at www.shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-repair-dayton-ohio/.

Many assume that purchasing a high-end piece of jewelry automatically guarantees usage for a certain number of years. However, as jewelry goes through life it is bound to experience some wear and tear no matter what the price tag was. It is not uncommon for damage to occur when wearing a watch, ring, necklace or bracelet on a daily basis so repairs will allow you to continue to wear the item that you do not feel the same without. The repair of an item will not only fix the imminent damage, but it will allow for smaller damages that have gone unnoticed to be fixed at the same time. This not only allows you to start wearing your most treasured item again but it can contribute to the prevention of further damage.

Damage is not the only hurdle you might face when it comes to jewelry, regular wear can reduce the aesthetics of a piece as dirty gathers on it. No matter how much you try to keep your jewelry clean it is always worth taking it to a professional jeweler for a thorough clean. Rings, in particular, can lose their shine over time, so regular cleaning will keep your jewelry looking fresh and of a high quality.

Whilst having your jewelry repaired and maintained can increase its lifespan and prevent further damage, repairs can preserve the value of your jewelry. Particular vintage items will increase in value over time so keeping them in a good condition by having them cleaned regularly and repaired when necessary will work to your benefit in the future. Not all items of jewelry increase in value with time, but the sentimental value of most pieces will never decrease. Repairing sentimental items of jewelry allows for future generations to enjoy their value. Whilst many benefits of jewelry repairs have been noted, there can also be some risks. Some claim that the process of repairing an item can weaken metals, meaning they might break more frequently or the loss of an item if a jeweler sends it off to a third party company for cleaning. However, taking your jewelry to a reputable jeweler who you trust can only lead to the many and invaluable benefits of repairs, leading to a longer life-span and the
protection of value when it comes to treasured items.

Tips on picking the right hair oil

An eye glance-little little makes up the best happiness. You may come across somebody’s hair which are made attractive by caring hence ending questioning on tips on picking the right hair oil to maintain the health of your hair. Hair health is always important for each and every person to become beautiful or handsome depending on the gender and for this to be the fact selection of the best oil needed by your hair is of very important.

I have suggested a few tips on picking the right hair oil at https://www.threesquaressoil.com/organic-hair-oil/. They are as follows;

The type of the hair
Before deciding on the type of oil to apply on your hair it is very important to consider the type of the hair in which the oil is to be applied. The type of hair is among very important tips on picking the right hair oil. Hair maybe either fine or thicker.
Fine hair requires light oils like avocado oil which pentrates smoothly through the hair moisturising the whole hair on the head. For thicker hair type they require thicker oils like coconut oil which is able to pentrate the the thick hair making the hair healthy and attractive to everyone.

The need of the hair
This actually is very important tips on picking the right hair oil. Since we have natural dry and natural oil hair depending on the person. Natural dry hair needs to be moistured by oil which can pentrates to all parts of the head inorder to reduce moisrur moisture loss by the hair. Consequently Natural oil hair just need a small amount oil to maintain their moisture and health.

The need of the scalp
It’s always a very important tip among other tips on picking the right hair oil to ensure health keeping of the hair. Natural oils are very important for the scalp to maintain it’s state ensuring good upholding of the hair. Dry sclap maybe affected by antibacterial and antifungal which maybe treated by coconut oil as well also maintains moisturing properties. Peppermint and rosemary maybe also applied on the scalp to maintain health of the hair.

Food allergies
The tips on picking the right hair oil always includes food allergies.
Before applying any kind of oil on the hair you must identify the allergies of your body. Some of the oils are allergic to people which may cause harm to the skin and sometimes affecting the health of a person. If someone is not sur about the type of allergy to his or her body its better to test on some part of the skin like hand and if it hatches you better leave that type of oil.

Boosting Hair growth 
We it comes to boosting your hair growth, it is always adviced to use natural oils like baobab oil which contains vitamins A,D,E and F which are essential for the hair growth. This contributes to tips on picking the right hair oil.

Budget of the user
Budget is a very crucial factor to be considered on tips on picking the right hair oil. Some oils are very expensive but they are very useful to the hair therefore it can be budget by applying just a small amount per application.

Ingredients of the oil
Among others tips on picking the right hair oil, ingredients of the oil is another tip.Depending on the type of oil you need it is important to check on ingredients of the oil since some may contain a variety of ingredients which some may not much with your skin or hair and sometimes buying one may fulfill your need due to its contents.

What You Should Know about Neuropathy and Nerve Damage

Nerves are a crucial aspect of our bodies’ sensitivity to touch. They are part of the body’s “electric wiring” system for sending messages from the brain to the rest of the body and back. They come in different forms, with the motor nerves carrying signals from the brain to the muscles to trigger effect, while sensory nerves transmit information from all body parts to the brain in case of pressure, pain, or temperature.

But nerves are highly fragile and can be compromised by cutting, pressure, or stretching. Once there has been any damage, nerves are unable to send signals to the brain, and this leads to muscles failing to work, as they should under normal circumstances as well as a loss of feeling in the affected area. Read on as we take you through different types of neuropathy, check out NeuropathyHelp.co as well.

1. Proximal Neuropathy

This type is also referred to as diabetic amyotrophy, with the my meaning muscle since this type of neuropathy causes weakness in the muscles, especially the muscles to the upper section of the legs, hips, and buttocks. At times, it can also pose nerve pain, which can be felt from the lower back and down to the legs, which is known as sciatica or radiculopathy.

2. Focal neuropathy

Unlike most other types of neuropathy, focal neuropathy usually affects only one specific nerve, which in some cases earns it the name mononeuropathy. The condition quite often attacks suddenly, and usually targets nerves in the head, most often the ones leading to the eyes, although it can also attack nerves leading to legs and torso, and can cause pain in some parts of the legs too.

3. Peripheral neuropathy

Also called distal polyneuropathy and peripheral diabetic nerve pain, this is the leading in popularity among the different types of neuropathy resulting from diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy affects nerves that extend to the extremities, like legs, feet, and hands as well as arms. The nerves leading to the legs are most prone, as they travel the longest distance
among all nerves in the body.

4.  Autonomic neuropathy

If there are nerves that keep your body running as it should, then they have to be the autonomic nerves. These nerves are the ones at the heart of the many functions that your body carries on without you have to initiate or take charge of them. From heartbeat to breathing, food digestion in the stomach and much more, it all boils down to the control of these nerves.

If these nerves are compromised by the effect of diabetes, then autonomic diabetic neuropathy sets in. The result is your body having a hard time maintaining homeostasis,
which these nerves are dedicated tosupportingt, as the standard and balanced state
of the body functioning.

Causes of neuropathy

Neuropathy has many reason and this could depend on the type of neuropathy in question.
Peripheral neuropathy, for instance, is usually caused by diabetes. And that’s
not the only cause of neuropathy out there. Others include

·  Kidney disorders are one of the causes of many cases of nerve-damage due to toxic substances making their way into the blood circulation system.

·  Exposure to heavy metals as arsenic, mercury, lead, and thallium among others is also a menace.

·  Drugs such as anticonvulsants, anticancer medications, and antiviral as well as antibiotics also put you at risk for neuropathy. Besides, liver disease leading to a chemical imbalance in the body can trigger the condition too.

·  Hormone diseases like hyperthyroidism affecting metabolic processes as well as cancer tumors exerting serious pressure on the nerve fibers can also lead to the condition. It can also result from chronic inflammation damaging protective tissues close to nerves.

·  Excessive drinking and lack of vitamins like B1, E, B6, B12, as well as niacin responsible for nerve health can also lead to neuropathy.

Neuropathy can be treated with the proper medical attention, so that should not be a cause to worry. But the best thing to do is prevention by all you can to avoid any of the reasons above that you can keep at bay.

Why renovating your home will increase its value?

Everyone wants to have the house that has to offer the luxury and security required. It’s the embedded wish of human beings to have the luxury of the shelter and be secure and comfortable in the house with our families.

As far as the real estate is concerned, like any other business it’s all about making the right decision at the right time otherwise nothing will work for you. . Most of the time, we are running out of money and we want to make best use of our money. Yes that is a good thing and is totally normal this is what engineers refer to the efficiency. So if you are concerned about your house then you can save a lot and can build a beautiful house by planning and maintaining higher standards of the efficiency. Or you could just sell your house fast Houston,Tx instead.

Any construction of the house is so far considered as the completion of two important things both of these will complete in order to complete a house that is fully capable to give you comfort and luxuries. Foundation is the back bone and very important for the house, it is one time investment and it has to done in the proper professional way and there must be no compromise on it in terms of the costing. Then on the foundations there is the process of building the Grey Structure.

Grey structure includes the basic structure of the house and when it’s done you can see the complete structure of the house. The second phase starts from the Grey structure finishing and all the interior work to the final completion of the house. This includes the no of things like Doors and Wood works, Sanitary fitting, assorted fittings, the flooring and the marble works, paints, interior designing, windows etc.

But this all is not going to last forever; if you are doing a good maintenance then the life of every installation will definitely increase. But if you have not paid much attention to the maintenance and now somehow you have decided to sale the property, then I will say this is the time in business or dealing when you have to make strict, straightforward and strong decisions.

If you want to sale the house in its original form and making an argument that your activity of spending money on the house will be hectic and it will not pay back; I think you have to reconsider your decision because it will cause you a handsome amount of decrement in the sale.

First of all statistics are not taking your sides, the statistical data gathered over the years shows and also different pioneers in the field of the real estate believe that spending money wisely and nice touch-ups will help you to increase your sale price. And by the end it will help you make more money out of the deal you were about to quit. So be wise and wait a bit go for renovation but don’t recreate it, wisely spending the money will make you decision worth it.

Experts have short listed few points and if you will follow these points you can have your deal accordingly and all your investments will pay back very well.

Increase the light and air within the house

Everyone who will visit you house will be pulled must by these two factors – Air & Light.


Because this will indirectly impact the mind of the customer; and will create the feeling of openness and positivity. Believe me no one wants to spend money to live in a congested house.

Landscape and curb appeal will make you house more appealing and attractive and will definitely add value to it a lot by little wise investment

Create a home office this is what most of the people dream off

Your basement space could be used as the space for home entertainment system, children play area, indoor games and many other possibilities are there, and so investing here will also pay off

Upgrade or add bathroom if not available accordingly
this is one of the major factor that effect the customer’s decision. Make it
fine and a bit luxurious

The kitchen should be very neat and with proper installation, because hunger can lead to frustration and this shows that the last person who had the house very well maintained the house and it is also a very important factor.

So your investments will pay off if you spend wisely.

Choosing a Type of Cat Litter Box

One thing that every pet lover needs is cat litter boxes. Without one, your cat will not have a place to do his or her business and will subsequently start messing all over your house.

So, to keep your place tidy and your cat under control, self cleaning litter boxes are an investment that you need to make. You might think that you are going to have to settle for those that have an annoying, almost ugly appearance. However, those days are gone and now there are plenty of decorative options to pick from. Some options are appealing to the eye.

Or, maybe just the sight of cat litter boxes bothers you so no matter what kind you get you are not going to like. Well, what you could do then is get something to conceal or hide it. That is right; there are cat furnishings available that will protect this cat item. For example, you can get a large cabinet with an opening where you put the litter box itself inside it. Then, your cat uses it by going in and out of the opening. So, not only do you not have to look at the box itself, but your cat has some privacy when he or she is doing his or her duty and because there are cabinets available that have a pleasing look, it will add to the appearance of your space instead of taking away from it. Some of the different cabinet options available are those that are made from wood finished in cherry, others that are made from plastic, yet are designed in a very modern, futuristic way, and a slew of others as well. For an excellent way to see them all, just jump on the Internet for some online shopping, however, we will get more into that later.

Now, if you do not care about how cat litter boxes look but are more worried about having to clean them, then what would be a fantastic choice for you are ones that clean themselves. There are options with sensors that will scoop and sift through the litter in the unit itself after your cat goes to the bathroom. The sensor senses that something has dropped and will activate, cleaning the box, so you do not have to. Every once and a while you will have to change the litter in it, but that is it since all the waste is scooped into a bagged compartment that you just have to grab and throw out. Talk about convenient.

Okay, now back to online shopping. It is the way to go to find litter boxes and any other pet items that you want to purchase for your companion. It is tremendously convenient since you do not have to go anywhere to do it and what you are buying will even be shipped right to you.

In the end, cat litter boxes are just something that all cats need. There are many options though so you can find the best one for your cat and your home.

What to do when your wife wants a divorce

If you find your wife has to divorce you, you may take a nap. You could mentally say, “Without any doubt, I knew we had some problems, but I did not know that things got so awful.” If you were amazed by what you knew, you are not the only one: most people do not understand that their wife wants to divorce her, to the point where she is no longer back.

Obviously, problems in every respect are a two-sided street. There can be a lot of things in your relationship that you find difficult. It is unlikely that you are completely satisfied with the relationship while your wife needs it.

All in all, you probably do not have the same number of problems – than or as deep as a problem – in your relationship like your wife. If you were, you might have thought of something similar: you need to get out when your wife wants divorce papers drawn up.

But here you are still in the relationship and have to go while your wife has to divorce you. This can be a slight slope. It can be difficult to detect or respond to acceptable behavior. All in all, if you have decided, what effect do you have on the circumstance? The correct answer: more than you suspect.

If you are thinking about what to do when you are in front of you, here are 5 tips on what to do:

1. Think about what you really need for the relationship:

Remember, your wife – this exceptionally same woman you must divorce – you are the one who has to be knees – the most beautiful for her on the planet. At a certain level, she may feel the same way at the moment. Unfortunately, after a while, she developed a series of problems that she could not calm down. Right now she thinks she has to go.

But before you try to keep them in your life, you should be advised that you should be careful what you want. All the more: When you go out, the most well-known automatic response is: “Do not go, try not to divorce me!” But, before you familiarize yourself with the topic, make sure that you truly trust that sharing is the best for both of you.

2. Ask her to share her feelings about why she has to divorce:

Next, ask her to open up about her feelings. Almost sure that your current collaborations were difficult – possibly with fighting, some brutal words, tears, or most of the above. But it’s time for you to spend time with him and ask him a basic question, “What do you think about us?” And just let her talk while you listen to her.

3. Discover your suggested timing for launch:

Next, it’s time to clarify the facts. Discover when she wants to go and where she wants to go (if she already knows that much).

4. Motivate them to focus on expressing their feelings with you, beginning with the predictable future:

Ask your wife to work with you to blame each other and stay away from the dramatization. Keep pushing, just ask that she keeps in fair and open correspondence with you what she does. In addition, you guarantee that you will do the same.

5. See if she will focus on choosing a different strategy to govern her marriage:

It is clear that neither you nor your wife knows without a doubt whether you can even spare your marriage. All in all, if both of you have some adoration left over each other, ask if she will submit the next 8-12 weeks of her life to take something new to spare her marriage. The approval here is crucial: you cannot just do it.

Consider these 5 pointers when considering what to do if your wife has to divorce your marriage.

Why You Should Trust Your Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, there are many people who are licensed to sell real estate. In this light, it’s becoming extremely hard to find a real estate agent that you can trust. It’s very important for you to hire someone that you feel comfortable working with. Also, you should be able to trust your agent. As a client, you need to feel satisfied with the services that you are receiving from your real estate agent. Buying or selling property is not an easy task, and a real estate agent is a very important person in this process. So, it’s in your best interest to find an agent that you can trust.

Here are 3 reasons why you should trust your real estate agent:

They will be honest with you

Honesty is very important for the survival of any relationship. If one party becomes dishonest, the future of that relationship is at risk. When you trust your real estate agent, they will feel mandated, to be honest with you all the time and get you home buyers. Finding a property that you are interested in buying isn’t the end, there is the process of negotiations. Real estate agents are experienced negotiators and that’s why you need to work with them. However, it’s very easy for someone to lie to you about what they agreed with the seller or the buyer, but if you trust them, they will always be honest with you.

They will be loyal to you

When it comes to real estate, honesty alone isn’t enough; you need someone who is loyal to you. The realtor that you choose needs to be there for you whenever you need them. Regardless of the number of clients that they have, you need to work with someone who makes you feel like you are their number one priority. Additionally, whenever you make a mistake during this process, your agent needs to be there for you to make things right. If you trust real estate agent, they will be loyal to you and have your back throughout the entire process.

They will become your best friends

Real estate agents consider every new client as a friend to be. Your intentions may be to work with this person for a certain period of time until you get what you want, but you will never know how you become friends when you trust each other.

You need to work with someone who doesn’t have any problems with you experiencing yourself freely around them. For example, buyers need to talk with their real estate agents about what they want freely. Let your agent know about your preferred location, property size, available budget, style and more.

If you don’t trust your real estate agent, it will be very difficult for them to communicate with you freely and even negotiate the best deal for you. On the other hand, if you choose to trust them, you will eventually become friends and they will always be there for you. If you need any help regarding real estate or even home renovations ideas, they can always refer you to the best contractors. Also, if you decide to sell your property in future, they will find the best deals for you.

Buying a luxury condo like 8 Saint Thomas in Singapore

Condominium refers to a big building that is divided into several flats each owned by different people. Singapore is one of the most popular countries that a person can get the best condominium. One of such splendorous condominium in Singapore is the 8 st. Thomas condo.

Reasons why one should buy a luxury condominium in Singapore

Suitable location

Most of the condominiums in this country are situated in areas that are near social amenities like schools, and hospitals as well as infrastructure. For instance, the majority are close to electric underground railways that connect most parts of the city. This will attract tenants as occasionally one needs a house where transport system is within one’s reach. A person living in 8 St. Thomas condominium will only take about five minutes.’ Walk to reach the electric railway station and get on board. This feature will motivate many tenants as most jobs are near the city. Since it everyone desire to be near their place of work, the condos will be the obvious choice. Also 8 St. Thomas at https://www.8-st-thomas.sg is situated near schools like River valley primary and high school.

Stable rental earnings

Since a lot of the condos are situated near transport system, they are appealing to a large number of people. Due to high demand, the investor of the condominium can charge high rental income. This will lead to high rental earnings. Also the fact that these condominiums are situated in the city they will always cost the tenants more to pay for an apartment. This will guarantee the investor a continuous flow of money.

Lavish designs

The condominiums are eye-catching. They are irresistible to look at. The design is of a high standard. It’s furnished with beautiful coaches and other high-quality furniture. It takes the interior decoration to a higher notch. The internal design is simply, spectacular. This is another factor that attracts residents to these apartments.

Capital gains

Being an investment in real estate, one should definitely buy a condominium. This is because as time passes any property will always increase in value. It may be caused by a lot of reasons like development in infrastructure causes the price of the property to go up. These earnings can, however, be obtained when one decides to sell the condominium in future , So it’s a good place to store wealth that one can liquidate at a future date at a higher price than the initial buying price.

Tax exclusion and reduction

Buying a condominium comes along with numerous gains. This includes the fact that the buyer will not pay tax for the rental income he is getting from the apartments unlike other investors subject to self-employment tax. Since this investment is related to a long period of time, the buyer will be allowed to pay small tax rates on the property.

Protection against inflation

When one buys a luxury condominium in Singapore, the earnings from the flats will increase when there is inflation. This is because as money loses value, causing prices of goods to rise, the investor will also increase rental income. As many people view inflation as a bad thing, to a buyer of condominium it’s a good thing. This is because the gains to be ripped from this are high. It’s a blessing in disguise for the buyer.

Due to all the benefits that are associated with buying a luxurious condominium in Singapore, this is definitely a good deal to take.

Reasons Why Every Company Should Have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

IT Disaster recovery planning involves anticipating what a company needs to survive an event that makes its location uninhabitable, and destroys important data that is stored there. The IT disaster management team at IT Services by The Scarlett Group in Jacksonville ensures that the integrity of their data is retain.They leave no chance of the data going in the wrong hand, or even to the company competitors. In most cases, a plan involves at least four elements:

-Establishing an alternative business location
-Arranging for the delivery and setup of emergency hardware
-Developing an offsite data storage arrangement
-Establishing how the plan would be executed

Although the elements of such a strategy sound simple, selecting the right disaster recovery services provider, gaining support for the initiative, and then passing the initiative can be challenging. With that said, there are several reasons why companies are likely to pass such an initiative, particularly the ones below:

Simplifies decision making when an event occurs

When companies lack an adequate recovery plan, they are not able to handle the effects that a catastrophic event has on their business. Instead of developing a workable plan on short notice, they are confronted with numerous options that they have not researched. As they decide which options are best, their chances of going out of business quickly increase. According to Bernstein Crisis Management, 80 percent of companies that do not rebound from a major data loss within a month is likely to close permanently.

Prevents data from being destroyed

Data storage is the most valuable aspect of IT disaster recovery planning. By storing its data on the servers of a disaster recovery services provider, a company ensures the data is safe from events that happen at its location. Because the provider also supplies emergency hardware, using the provider for both data storage and emergency hardware procurement makes the most sense.

Reduces the risk of casualties

When a catastrophic event makes the location of a company uninhabitable, the owners of the company may attempt to salvage storage hardware or paper files before departing from the location. When a fire or an earthquake has damaged the building, reentering the structure can be extremely dangerous. When business data is stored offsite, a company will migrate the information onto new storage hardware and in a new location and with the help of IT personnel their data will not be destroyed., and therefore has no reason to return to the site of the catastrophe.

Helps companies stay in business

By developing an effective plan, a company increases its chances of staying business in the wake of a catastrophic event. According to DTI/PricewaterhouseCoopers, forty-three percent of companies that experience a major data loss will go out of business. According to the University of Texas Center for Research on Information Systems, over fifty percent of those that experience a major data loss close their doors within two years. These statistics are a sobering reminder of how a plan helps companies stay in business by protecting their data.


Disaster recovery planning is essential for a company to stay in business following a catastrophic event. To learn more about developing and the implementing a recovery plan, contact a provider of disaster recovery services today.