Buying a luxury condo like 8 Saint Thomas in Singapore

Condominium refers to a big building that is divided into several flats each owned by different people. Singapore is one of the most popular countries that a person can get the best condominium. One of such splendorous condominium in Singapore is the 8 st. Thomas condo.

Reasons why one should buy a luxury condominium in Singapore

Suitable location

Most of the condominiums in this country are situated in areas that are near social amenities like schools, and hospitals as well as infrastructure. For instance, the majority are close to electric underground railways that connect most parts of the city. This will attract tenants as occasionally one needs a house where transport system is within one’s reach. A person living in 8 St. Thomas condominium will only take about five minutes.’ Walk to reach the electric railway station and get on board. This feature will motivate many tenants as most jobs are near the city. Since it everyone desire to be near their place of work, the condos will be the obvious choice. Also 8 St. Thomas at is situated near schools like River valley primary and high school.

Stable rental earnings

Since a lot of the condos are situated near transport system, they are appealing to a large number of people. Due to high demand, the investor of the condominium can charge high rental income. This will lead to high rental earnings. Also the fact that these condominiums are situated in the city they will always cost the tenants more to pay for an apartment. This will guarantee the investor a continuous flow of money.

Lavish designs

The condominiums are eye-catching. They are irresistible to look at. The design is of a high standard. It’s furnished with beautiful coaches and other high-quality furniture. It takes the interior decoration to a higher notch. The internal design is simply, spectacular. This is another factor that attracts residents to these apartments.

Capital gains

Being an investment in real estate, one should definitely buy a condominium. This is because as time passes any property will always increase in value. It may be caused by a lot of reasons like development in infrastructure causes the price of the property to go up. These earnings can, however, be obtained when one decides to sell the condominium in future , So it’s a good place to store wealth that one can liquidate at a future date at a higher price than the initial buying price.

Tax exclusion and reduction

Buying a condominium comes along with numerous gains. This includes the fact that the buyer will not pay tax for the rental income he is getting from the apartments unlike other investors subject to self-employment tax. Since this investment is related to a long period of time, the buyer will be allowed to pay small tax rates on the property.

Protection against inflation

When one buys a luxury condominium in Singapore, the earnings from the flats will increase when there is inflation. This is because as money loses value, causing prices of goods to rise, the investor will also increase rental income. As many people view inflation as a bad thing, to a buyer of condominium it’s a good thing. This is because the gains to be ripped from this are high. It’s a blessing in disguise for the buyer.

Due to all the benefits that are associated with buying a luxurious condominium in Singapore, this is definitely a good deal to take.