All about basics of SEO


1. What is SEO and its importance?
SEO also called as Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing agency that focuses on the growing visibility of websites in a non paid (organic) search engine results. It encompasses both the creative and technical components needed to drive relevant traffic, improve rankings and increase ‘know how’ of search engine. There are different aspects of SEO, varying from the content on webpage to the way it is linked with other websites. Additionaly, SEO makes sure that site is well structred and created in way that non paid or oraginic search engines understand.

Basics of SEO isn’t just creating search engine friendly websites but it’s also about making the site better for public too. It does this by leveraging the use of appropriate terms and phrases or keywords which generates more traffic to websites, making sites that are compatible to search engines, building links and choosing techniques that markets the unique values of site.

Why does websites require search optimization?
Web traffic is generally driven by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Though traffics can be generated through social media as well but search remains the preferred and primary way of navigation for internet users. And, it is true for all types of websites which includes sites that provides content, information, products, services, or anything else.

Uniqueness of search engines lies in the fact that they generates targeted traffic. They are in fact roadways to make this happen and if search engines don’t find a site to add its content & keywords to their database then it will be a lost opportunity to drive traffic to the site.

Search queries
These are the words or phrases that are typed by users in search box and carries extraordinary value. Research has found that an organization’s success or failure largely attributed to the search engine traffic. Targeted traffic to sites provides revenue, publicity and exposure than what can be provided with other marketing and promotion descipline.

Top Features of SEO websites: The SEO websites must includes the below features to make them friendly for any search engines which in turn generates traffic to them.

1. Relevancy – Must provide highly relevant information for both simple and complicated search queries.
2. High Quality of Content which should understand visitors intention instead of using only popular keywords.
3. User Experience with easy navigation, clear searchable, internal linking with relevant content.
4. Speed of site – hosted on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)
5. Compatibility across multiple devices with for any given screen size.
6. Internal Linking that allows users for further reading options.
7. Authority and trusted by user and other websites
8. Title tags and Meta descriptions – short text which appears under URL’s page
9. Schema Markup to HTML which helps in start ratings, rich media playground etc
10. Tagged Images – images should be properly tagged
11. Loaded with Evergreen content
12. Perfect and relevant domain names
13. Permalinks and Headlines
15. Local Search Engine Optimization
16. Social

Things to avoid while making an SEO website:

1. Excess Keyword Stuffing
2. Excessive link exchanging
3. Annoying Advertisement
4. Mobile application interstitial
5. Duplicate contents
6. Hidden links and text